Chapter 15 First Impression Post

For this assignment, I decided to analyze the four major types of psychotherapy. From reading the textbook, I believe behavioral therapy to be the most effective. This type of therapy focuses on learning tools for eliminating certain behaviors. This goes further than just understanding the emotions. It gives patients an array of resources to use when feeling anxious, during an episode, or however their symptoms present themselves.

Cognitive therapy is the second best way of psychotherapy. This type of therapy changes the way the patient thinks, because thinking determines feelings. It is useful to understand the reason why patients acts a certain way, in attempt to change their thinking. When their thinking changes, they can more easily handle the symptoms. In some cases, the shift in outlook may be sufficient in reducing symptoms. In other cases, patients may not be able to eliminate their thoughts, so behavioral psychology would be more useful.

Humanistic psychology is the third best form of psychotherapy. It revolves around understanding oneself. It helps to settle inner conflicts and focuses on self-fulfillment. This type of psychotherapy makes the patients responsible for their emotions, which motivates them to be aware of and accept their symptoms. It has an emphasis on growth. This is useful because it provides an individualistic approach to each patient, however it does not give tools that can be implemented into daily life in order to reduce symptoms.

I have deemed psychodynamic therapy to be the least effective. This type of therapy recognizes common themes among situations. For example, it can determine what makes a patient anxious. This form presents itself in a casual, face-to-face conversation. It works on reclaiming unconscious feelings in hopes to eliminate symptoms. This is not as effective as other types of therapy because it only understands emotions. It does not give much attention to ways the symptoms can be reduced. I have experienced this type of therapy. Although it was beneficial to be aware of common emotions in different situations, I did not have many tools to use when presented with anxious situations.

One thought on “Chapter 15 First Impression Post

  1. I definitely agree with the part of the above post about how psychodynamic therapy would be the least effective because of its broad focus on situations. I do not think that it would personally be the best for me because it does not focus on the personal aspect that I think I would need if I were to get therapy.
    I personally think that the humanistic approach would work best for me because I do not think I am a very self-centered person, and I do not think that I take full advantage of my strengths in most situations. I think that this approach would benefit me the most because it would focus on developing me as a person as well as finding my strengths and focusing on them. It would help me reach self-actualization which could assist in me being more aware of myself in certain situations.
    Interesting post despite the personal differences.


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